MUTEK Festival 2019

by Hugo (08/16/19)

"If you do not know this amazing 5-days festival, MUTEK is all about electronic music with incredible digital art (I mean, look at the photos!). I went there last year and I really had a blast! The venues, the open-air shows, the vibe, everything about this festival is very impressive and just FUN! Can't wait to come back ;)"

Have a look at their line-up (and more!) just here "

You can also check out their events on facebook right there!

photos credit: Remezcla / Kaput Mag

Randolph Pub Ludique

by Joanie (07/10/19)

Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, this place is the perfect match between your inner child and adulthood. It’s a bar where you can drink while you play board games.. and with more than 1500 choices of games you will definitely find the one to enjoy your night! And you know how it’s long and complicated to try a new board game because of all the reading-the-rules-book process? Well good news, the amazing staff know all about the games so they will make sure to suggest the best one for your group and to explain everything there is to know about it! They also have really tasty meals and snacks and not only a good selection of cocktail/beer/wine, but also a scientific potion themed cocktail card. (Pssst, they are even served in Erlenmeyers!) Whether you’re in the mood for a game of Risk and a local craft beer or you feel like a fancy wine and Scrabble kind of night, your time at Randolph will be worth while!

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: Randolph Pub Ludique

Montréal ComplÚtement Cirque

by Alex (06/18/19)

One of my favorite festival is back again this summer and it's gonna be amazing! Beauty, creativity, madness (in a very good way), acrobatics... Just a few words I would use to describe "Montréal ComplÚtement Cirque"! For 10 days (from the 4th to the 14th of July), you will see some crazy performances in the streets around the M Montreal Hostel, but also in proper theaters every nights and since you guys are guests of the M, you get 20% off!!! Check out their website to know more about their upcoming shows!

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: Montréal ComplÚtement Cirque

L'Avenue (Mont-Royal)

by Sara (03/12/19)

If you want to brunch, it's THE PLACE TO BE! They have a wide selection, fresh and local products, and they adapt their menu to vegetarians as needed! The place is cool but small and very popular, so be prepared to wait a tiny little bit! The restaurant is also well located, Mount Royal Avenue is next 30 minutes away from the hostel! Perfect for a small digestive trip! Or go shopping along the avenue!

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: L'Avenue


by Alexander (01/15/19)

Only a short metro ride out into MontrĂ©al's vibrant surrounding boroughs is the fabulous Gusta, where you'll find some of the most mouthwatering vegan food in the city! Choose from a menu of delicious goodies such as burgers, burritos, hot dogs, or my personal favourite - the deluxe kebab đŸ€€. All of the food is made with Gusta's famous selection of "meats" and "cheeses" - in quotation marks as, you guessed it! It's all 100% plant-based. While you're there, you're also perfectly poised to see the famous Jean-Talon Market right next door. It's one of the biggest open air markets in North America, full of fresh local produce and delicious local delicacies. It's open year round, and an awesome way to see MontrĂ©al life in full force.

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: Gusta

MUTEK Festival 2018

by Florent (07/17/18)

" The 19th edition of MUTEK, MontrĂ©al’s infamous international festival of digital creativity and electronic music (you can listen to the artists here), runs August 22 to 26 in various venues in the Quartier des spectacles (just 5 minutes away from the hostel!). Featuring more than 100 artists working at the vanguard of music and art that intersects with technology, the festival always underlines live performance, mind blowing audiovisual works and a myriad of other discoveries. This edition adds another focus—women in digital arts and electronic music. Get on board for an experiential adventure that offers exceptional presentation standards and a human-scale, community-minded context.

// And check out their amazing line-up right there and if you're are still not convince by my recommendation, have a look at last years's MUTEK Festival! "

Check out their event on facebook right here and get you ticket 👉here👈

photos credit: Remezcla / Kaput Mag


by Axel (05/01/18)

" How about visiting Montreal in style? At Dyad, you can rent an electric scooter (or even a bike or an electric bike FYI) and do the main attractions of the city within a day: Eating a bagel in the artistic Mile End - take photos of the entire city on the top of Mont-Royal - go on the Formula 1 circuit on the island - chill at the Old Port - ride on the beautiful Lachine Canal etc etc... Dyad also does amazing tours with a super friendly guide that tells you stories about the city & its different neighbourhoods. So put on your helmets & let's go Son of Anarchy on Montreal! đŸ›” PS: As our client, you get -10% there ;) "

Check out their website right here!

photos credit: @dyadcycles

Chu Chai

by Paul (02/12/18)

" Chu Chai is - for me - the BEST RESTAURANT IN ALL MONTREAL and yep, it's vegan! This Thai restaurant has beautiful and healthy dishes & they recreate meat like beef, chicken or even shrimp and it's just crazy amazing! [Try the beef 3-flavour sauce]. Not only the food is so good there, but please, PLEASE, try the cocktails! Also, the staff is very friendly and the place is beautiful! So if you're a vegan or not, go to Chu Chai #worthit "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @ondejeune @berlinerchic

Sports de Combats

by the Staff (01/15/18)

" Looking for a way to escape the cold here in Montréal this winter? Well, here is a brilliant activity, tried and tested by the M Montreal team: Combat archery! After a brief tutorial on the use of the bows and the rules of the games, it's time to go to the battlefield! We were definitely more than exited to shoot arrows at each other - with foam tips for safety though, of course. They offer a wide range of activities, including axe & knife throwing, nerf battle and if you're really stressed and in the mood to break things, let your anger out in the rage cage! Sports de Combats is located in the beautiful Mile End area, so why not explore the neighborhood as well? To recharge your batteries (because let's face it, combat archery will be your workout for the day!) we definitely recommend you to check the Dieu du Ciel microbrewery, which offers some of the best beers in town! A huge thanks to Sport de Combat for their welcome and thumbs ups to their great staff! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

Ma Poule Mouillée

by Alexander (01/05/18)

" Just next to the beautiful Parc La Fontaine is one of Montréal's best kept secrets - the amazing Portuguese feasts of Ma Poule Mouillée. It's small and cosy and unbelievably cheap for how delicious the food is and how big the servings are. I recommend trying the poutine, a mouthwatering Portuguese take on one of Québec's most famous dishes. "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @foodsheikh_qtr @mtlcook

La Graine Brûlée

by Claire (12/20/17)

" La Graine Brulée is the cutest café you could find in Montréal! It has a really nice youthful atmosphere and you can even play Nintendo 64! The mix of playful and studious vibe makes this place pretty unique, plus, it is located only two minutes walk from the hostel. Make sure to try their giant cookie! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @lespetitesmanies @marinepoulpe


by Florent (11/15/17)

" You guys really wanna taste the best meal I had in Montreal so far!!! This little place in the plateau is so cosy, so simple and the food so great! Plus, there is many many different options like vegetarian or vegan! So go eat some arepas and ask for Guasacaca (number 35), my favorite! Enjoy ;) "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @e_reb @marianthyz


by François (10/18/17)

" Open from 3AM to 10AM on Friday and Saturday, the Stereo is a club specially dedicated for after parties and it is only 100 meters away from the hostel. It's a cool place where Dj's play techno and trance music and you have plenty of space to dance! So it is really perfect to have a good party and good memories! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @stereomontreal

Crew Collective & Cafe

by Claire (10/05/17)

" Crew collective & cafe : This old bank from the 20's converted into a gorgeous coffee will blow your mind! They kept the building in the decor of the time and the huge ceilings are quite impressive. For a fair price, you can get delicious food & drinks and enjoy them in an unique atmosphere. You don't want to miss this hidden gem in Montreal! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @crewcollectivecafe

Piknic Electronik

by Umberto (08/31/17)

" Piknic Electronik is - in my opinion - the best thing in Montreal. Spend the day on the island and dance on electronic music until you can't feel your legs anymore! Every Sunday is like a Friday night - except it's way better! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @Dja Photographie

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel

by Maxime (07/23/17)

" Dieu du Ciel! is one of the best (if not the best) brewery in Montreal. Located in the heart of the Mile End, this small and cozy bar offers an amazing variety of local beers. You can also enjoy the sun on their lovely terrace in summertime ! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @BrasserieDieuduCiel


by Danny (07/11/17)

" Bocadillo is a marvellous food provider which brings joy to my cardiac organ. Their arepas are made out of dreams. There is plenty of choices and the staff is always happy to give suggestions and find the perfect combination for your taste and is very passionate while explaining the differences and the preparation of every dish. "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @djvelasounds @chenena_

Resto Vego

by Stewart (07/04/17)

" Vego is a vegan / vegetarian friendly café located on Rue Saint Denis. It sells a range of foods like salads, sandwiches and burgers. They also have sweet items like cookies cakes and smoothies. I am neither vegetarian or vegan but their Red Bean Burger is a regular purchase of mine. I would consider it an equal to any 'traditional' beef burger. If you're looking for delicious, healthy food at very reasonable prices, then you should check out Vego. "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @Resto Vego

Le Pub Saint-Élizabeth

by Myriam (06/25/17)

" I love this terrasse - it's probably one of the nicest in the city. The entire patio is surrounded by high brick walls completely covered with climbing vines and the beers are quite cheap: Mondays and Tuesday are best for good discounts. "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @trins24 @mtlnewsfeed

Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Café

by Thibaut (06/18/17)

" Located only a few blocks from the hostel, this quiet little cafe gets the best bagels in town delivered every morning to make you the best bagel sandwich you could ever imagine. Add some tasty pastries from Mami Clafouti and some freshly brewed coffee to start your Montreal day the best possible way! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @cora.bgn @shaf_1294

Patati Patata

by Umberto (06/11/17)

" Located on St-Laurent/Rachel, the guys from Patati Patata make the best french fries in town (and probably the best poutine too). Grilled and prepared just in front of you, the food is also really cheap (2,50$/3$ the burger). My advice? Get your meal to go and eat it on Mont-Royal;) "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @kylieperrotti @stecatherine

Eva B

by Calvin (06/04/17)

" My favorite store/restaurant to go to is Eva B's; Great food, lovely people,& an amazing vibe "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @caroliixe @moeri2017

Cabaret chez Mado

by Max (05/28/17)

" Mado is colorful, Mado is cheeky, Mado is flamboyant, go to Mado "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @soucymusique @enacirruh


by Claire (05/21/17)

" If you're a coffee addict, then l'Anticafé is the perfect place for you! There, you pay per hour (3$ for the first hour, then 2$ for the next hours) and you can drink all the coffee you want ! And that's not all, cookies, toast, home made lemonade, rice and hummus are also included in the price ! Ideally located at Place des Arts, it's the perfect spot to read a good book and watch the beautiful people of Montréal "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @anticafemontreal @borisblok

L'Gros Luxe

by Sara (05/14/17)

" L'Gros Luxe is the perfect place if you're looking for a chill and trendy place to eat and drink. They have poutine, burgers, vegetarian meals, comfort food, delicious desserts and super tasty cocktails. They have a few locations in the city and amazing staff "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @lgrosluxe

St-Viateur Bagel

by Clément (05/07/17)

" Saint-viateur bagels is the place to be when you come to Montreal. With about ten different bagels such as sesame bagels, with poppy or grappe and cinnamon, your gluttony will be put to the test. In fact the bagels are prepared on the spot with the help of a huge wooden oven, so you will be able to see behind the curtains while tasting your still hot and crispy bagels. Wether they are sweetened with chocolate ot salted with a slice of salmon, it will be difficult to eat only one . "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @umamimart @etiennefgauthier

Le MTL Resto + Bar

by Nicolas (04/30/17)

" At the corner of Saint-Hubert and Duluth, Le MTL Resto + Bar reflects the best of the metropolis we all know and love. Check it out for both its fantastic atmosphere and a taste of food that typifies Montreal—quintessential local plates infused with and inspired by the many different cultures that make this city what it is. Le MTL also offer a few beers from one of Montreal’s best microbreweries and a selection of some pretty innovative and delicious cocktails if you’re into that sort of thing! "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @Le MTL Resto + Bar


by Myriam (04/23/17)

" I always recommend Saint-Bock Microbrewery to our guests, simply because every single time I eat out I end up there. They’ve got this great food menu, very diverse, super tasty with loads of veggie options PLUS 47 choices of beer on tap (I’m not even kidding). Seriously, what else do you need? "

Check out their facebook page right here!

photos credit: @bazartravels @olivierrheme

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